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Hayden understands that coatings and coating services are not necessarily our customers’ core competencies. More often than not, there is more to a coating application than just spraying on the material. For this reason, Hayden offers a comprehensive selection of support services and works closely with a variety of local partners to make your coating operation as simple and seamless as possible.

Within our facility, we offer milling, turning, grinding, and diamond superfinishing for part preparation and finishing. Our grinding capacity will handle cylindrical parts up to 120” in length and 16” in diameter. Superfinishing and turning capacity is 300” length by 60” diameter. For larger components, Hayden works with local roll and Blanchard grinding shops familiar with the challenges of working with high-performance coating materials, such as tungsten carbide and chrome oxide.

Hayden also provides hardface welding for wear protection and restoration, either as an alternative to thermal spray coatings or in conjunction with them. Welding facilities include large furnace capacity for preheating and slow cooling, vermiculite tanks, and oxy-acetylene, TIG (tungsten inert gas), and shielded electrode welding equipment. PTA (plasma transferred arc) services have been replaced with laser cladding at our facility, due to superior weld quality and simpler setup requirements.

Quality assurance services are supported by an in-house metallurgy lab offering tensile testing, macro- and microhardness analysis, micrography and image analysis, surface roughness, and Microtrac testing for verification of feedstock consistency. Hayden maintains an extensive coatings database matching process parameters and test results to individual production jobs, as well as facilitating ongoing process optimization.

Click here for information on traditionally applied weld overlays and application methods, including TIG and oxy-acetylene techniques. In general, hardfacing is preferable to other forms of protection in severe service applications, where other coating methods might wear away or deteriorate prematurely. Hardfacing is typically thick, robust, and difficult to break down.

Click here to learn about our spray and fuse class of coatings. These materials are sprayed on using traditional thermal spray techniques. Then, craftsmen using torches selectively heat the coating, bringing the coating and the component beneath up to melting temperatures. The coating briefly liquifies and becomes alloyed to the substrate.

Hayden Corporation provides machining services for preparing parts for coating and for finishing coatings after application. Thermal spray coatings and laser clad overlays are designed to be hard and tough, and finishing these performance sufaces requires special skills and equipment. Click here to learn more about our machining capabilities.

If your component is too large to ship, too difficult to move, or to mission-critical to take out of service, Hayden technicians can bring our equipment to your location and perform the coating application on-site. Nearly any coating that can be applied in our facility can be applied at your location. Click here to learn more.

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