Carbide Coating Services

Hayden Corporation’s Expertly Applied Carbide Coatings Provide:

  • Superior Performance in Abrasive Wear Applications
  • Excellent Corrosion-Resistance Characteristics
  • Highest Hardness Values: (typically >Rc70)
  • Wide-Ranging Material Selection

Hayden Corporation’s Multi-System Carbide Coating Service Capability Provides Customer Choice of Hvof or Plasma Spray

  • 10,000psi
  • Porosity Less Than 1%
  • Hardness Exceeding Rc70
  • Typical Thicknesses: 0.008-0.010”
  • Superfinish Yielding 1Ra at Hayden Facility
  • Bond Strengths Averaging 8,500psi
  • Low Porosity
  • Traction Coatings as Coarse as 600Ra
  • Typical Thicknesses: 0.008-0.010″
  • Finishes to 6Ra After Grinding
  • On-Site Spraying Capabilities


Hayden Suggestions for Most Common Carbide Coating Selection

Tungsten Carbide Used for Traction Coatings (Similar to LW1)
Used for Wear Resistance on Seals, Sleeves, Plungers, Rings
Chrome Carbide/ Nickel Chrome Used for Higher-Temperature Applications (>1,000°F) on Valves, Seals (Similar to LClC)
Tungsten Carbide/ Chrome Nickel Used for Corrosion Resistance Applications up to 1,400°F (Similar to LW5)
Tungsten Carbide/ Cobalt Chrome Used for Corrosion Resistance Applications up to 1,000°F (Similar to LWl5)