Our Beliefs

At Hayden Corporation, we believe that your parts should survive the most extreme service environments.

You design and develop parts that must endure harsh, severe service applications. Through specialized talent and processes, Hayden Corporation assures your parts can achieve the durability needed for optimal performance. Our expert craftsmen and technicians can solve your most challenging specifications and requirements.

We believe your parts should achieve both their targeted lifespan and targeted functionality.

The Hayden Corporation team is built on materials expertise. The application of tough thermal spray coatings and laser-clad overlays is not taught to engineers in their formal education and training. Engineers turn to us as the authority on protective coating and overlay materials. Our staff is knowledgeable in materials, and we offer many material options for thermal spraying and laser cladding. We help you choose the right materials for the right application.

We believe that your delivery date should not be driven by supply chain availability.

Efficiency is a crucial tenet of our work. We take pride in covering more stages of the supply chain than the competition, while also delivering parts back to our customers faster. We support our efficiency goals with in-house processes and strategic partnerships for single management of all R&D, milling, coating and finishing work.

We believe your outage or machine downtime must be minimized, no matter how big or small.

We understand that some of your machine repair needs must be met on-site. We support your outage needs with on-road technicians, unique mobile equipment and low-heat processes that will keep all components of your machinery intact. Power plants, paper mills, and other high-demand industries trust Hayden Corporation to meet their outage repair needs expediently and proficiently.