HVOF Bond Strength

HVOF Bond Strength

March 12, 1991

All coatings were prepared using standard Set A parameters, test method per ASTM C633 on 1020 carbon steel substrates with grit-blasted surface preparation.

JK 112 WC/Co 12% Powder >10,000*
JK 114 WC/Co 12% Powder >10,400*
JK 117 WC/Co 17% Powder >11,200*
JK 558 Tribaloy T-800 Powder >8,500
JK 576 Stellite NO. 6 Powder >10,500
JK 513 Stainless Steel Powder >7,300
JK 591 Nistelle C Powder >11,400
JK 532 Tristelle TS-2 Powder >8,950
JK 592 NISTELLE D Powder >5,800
JK 1 17-SP WC/Co 17% Powder >10,800
*In these samples, the failure was in the epoxy. Therefore, the actual bond strength of these coatings is greater than the figures shown, but, it is impossible to determine by how much.


Bond data for JK™ 114 powder was also developed on a substrate of 4340 steel hardened to Rc55-60. Some applications for the JET KOTE™ II System are under development that would be applied to hardened substrates (i.e., cutting knives and blades found in various industries such as paper and plastics). The results show bond strength as good as on a 1020 carbon steel substrate.

COATING Bond Strength (psi)
on 4340 Hardened (Rc 55-60) Steel
Bond Strength (psi)
on Regular 1020 Steel
JK 114 Powder 10,133mm. 8824, max. 11,236 10,399mm. 9817, max. 10,873

The coating was prepared with standard Set A parameters.