Hayden is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all of the industries that make our coatings a part of their operation. To that end, we have supported a full-service machining division in-house since we first began to offer wear-resistant coatings. From part preparation and undercutting to superfinishing, our machine shop can provide almost any necessary service your part may require.

By doing so, we can virtually eliminate the costly delays of subcontracting that can significantly extend the time your component is out of service. Our skilled machinists craft each part individually by hand, assuring a perfect finish on every component.


Fully Integrated Part Preparation

Hayden’s experienced coating engineers can not only develop an entire thermal spray procedure, including part preparation and surface finishing, but also implement and supervise the entire process as it all occurs on-site in our West Springfield, MA, facility. Doing so can remove the risk of mis-machining a coating or applying a coating to an improperly prepared surface, both of which can severely jeopardize the integrity of a thermal sprayed surface.

Large Part Handling

Having begun our business serving the pulp and paper industry, Hayden is very familiar with the special needs of working with extremely large parts. As our facility has grown and changed, we have been careful to plan for these requirements, and we continue to maintain and regularly use machinery capable of handling parts of larger geometries. For a complete catalog of our equipment and facilities, check our facilities listing.

Other Services

Hayden offers a complete on-site metallurgy lab capable of mount preparation, photomicrography, metallography, image analysis, tensile testing, hardness testing, etc.

ISO 9002 certified part inspection with a full range of regularly calibrated and certified test equipment.

Alliance and active participation with several trade associations and supporting industries capable of complementing our in-house services and capabilities.