Traction Coatings

Traction Coatings

  • Hayden Corporation’s plasma sprayed HC 1071 anti-skid coatings provide enhanced traction and longer life for traction components through improved wear resistance and bond strength over conventionally applied “P-Gun” traction coatings.
  • Series HC 1071 anti-skid coatings have successfully served the pulp and paper and textile industries for more than a decade.
  • These coatings are also available with release agents to minimize the problem of product embedment in the coating’s textured surface.
  • Series HC 1071 coatings reduce machine noise and improve productivity and product quality.
  • Customized textures and traction characteristics are available.
  • For specific application recommendations and information, call the coating experts at Hayden Corporation.

Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Extended Service Life
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Productivity
  • Application in Shop or Field
  • Customized Surface Textures
  • Increased Coating Integrity


  • Paper Machine Winder Drums
  • Rewind Rolls
  • Printing Rolls
  • Gripper Rolls
  • Textile Rolls
  • Gripper Jaws
  • Rails
Hardness Avg. Bond Strength Electrical
HC 10711 125-200Ra 74Rc >8000psi yes .004-.008
HC 10712 300-400Ra 74Rc >8000psi yes .004-.008
HC 10715 400-550Ra 74Rc >8000psi yes .004-.008
HC 10716 500-750Ra 65Rc >7500psi yes .004-.008