West Springfield’s Hayden Corporation Celebrates 100 Years

West Springfield, Mass. — Hayden Corporation is celebrating a century in business, having
adapted and thrived across four generations of family ownership through a commitment to
continuous innovation and market responsiveness.
Today, the company is an ISO 9002-2008-registered provider of specialized thermal spray and
laser cladding services to manufacturers and end users in industries where working
machinery components are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including: aviation;
energy and power generation; fluid control and processing; mining; oil and gas; military
equipment; pumps, centrifuges and valves; plastics; pulp and paper; agriculture; automotive;
and more. The company’s applied expertise in wear and corrosion control surfaces helps to
protect and prolong lifespan of machine components impacted by abrasion, adhesion,
corrosion, heat, and other wear problems.
“We’re proud to have such a rich history, ingrained in the broader American manufacturing story
of our region and the town of West Springfield,” said Hayden Corp. President Daniel C. Hayden,
the company’s fourth-generation leader. “And this is a special time for our company; you only hit
100 years once.”
Hayden Wire Works opened its doors in 1919 under the entrepreneurial vision of Charles E.
Hayden, servicing New England’s many paper mills. The first-generation owner and his team
developed a high-quality wire cloth and fulfilled the unmet paper industry need for more
comprehensive maintenance and support of paper mill machinery.
Charles’ son, Charles Wesley “Wes” Hayden, carried the company beyond wire cloth and into
the fabrication business, where it continues today, in its second generation of ownership. By the
1960s, the Hayden team was composed mostly of field servicemen and in-house machinists,
thermal spray processes were developed and business quickly expanded beyond paper
production into other industries.
Under the leadership of John Hayden, grandson of Charles E. Hayden, the company grew at an
unprecedented rate as it pursued new industries and applications for its thermal spray process.
In 2008, under the leadership of current president Daniel Hayden, Hayden Corp. added laser
cladding to its core competencies, a substantial investment in technology for protection of
machine components exposed to the harshest environments in the world.
Today, the company is an active thought leader in its field and continues to expand its thermal
spray, laser cladding and field services to new industries, applications and customer partners
across North America.
“Our company’s core competencies have evolved and expanded quite a bit over time, but the
fundamental factors driving that change remain true,” added Hayden. “We expand our expertise
in response to the needs expressed by our customers and the unmet needs we see in the
marketplace. Doing that work has always required that we have a highly-skilled and
hardworking staff. It’s those talented people that have carried us through our century of
existence, and will carry us into the next.”

Hayden Corporation is an ISO 9002-2008-registered provider of thermal spray coatings and
other wear and corrosion control surfaces, providing comprehensive pre-surfacing and postsurfacing services including preparatory machining, finish grinding and metallurgical coating
quality analysis. The company is based in West Springfield, Mass.