Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding Services



Hayden Laser Services, LLC leverages our extensive history in the coating and welding industry with the highest-quality laser processing hardware available. This division of Hayden Corp. provides expert laser cladding services, delivering the best engineered laser cladding solution for your wear and corrosion problem.


Wear Resistance

  • Laser application of high-performance alloys (i.e. Stellite and Inconel), yields tougher overlay
  • Applying spherical cast tungsten carbide can produce an almost indestructible armor against the most abusive wear environment.

Corrosion Resistance

  • Unlike mechanically bonded coatings, laser-applied clad overlays are completely nonporous.
  • Provides an impenetrable barrier against harsh corrosives.
  • Low heat-affected zone produced by this welding process ensures minimal change to the parent metallurgy and significantly reduces the risks of heat-related failures in operation.

Other Laser Cladding Applications

  • Precise application of material makes dimensional restoration of service-worn components easy.
  • In tandem with our in-house machining services, HLS can restore even the most worn component to like-new dimensions.
  • Precise five-axis machining center is equally adept at cutting and has the advantage of a large 3m x 1.5m x 1.5m work envelope and 3D processing range to effect precise cuts on the most complex geometries.

Application Criteria

Laser clad overlays are excellent in a wide range of applications, but the higher cost of a welded overlay, when compared to a thermal spray solution, often demands that cladding is primarily specified for only the most extreme applications.

Components being laser clad are exposed to higher temperatures than traditional thermal spray produces so care should be taken in applying overlays to low-tolerance parts at or near finished dimension. Our weld engineers can help you determine if a clad overlay is right for your application. Call or email us to discuss your laser cladding project.