Austenitic Manganese Steels:

  • Tough
  • Crack resistant
  • Soft
  • Ability to work-harden

Martensitic and High Speed Steels:

  • High stress, heavy impact
  • Tough
  • Good combination of abrasion and impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance that increases with carbon and chromium content at the expense of impact resistance

Nickel- and Cobalt-Based Alloys:

  • Non-lubricated metal-to-metal wear
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Good all-around strength
  • Low ductility

Martensitic and High-Chromium Iron:

  • Abrasive conditions accompanied by high temperature and/or corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to wear by most materials
  • Brittle

Tungsten Carbide Deposits:

  • Extreme resistance to sliding abrasion by hard minerals
  • Worn surfaces become rough
  • Extremely abrasive conditions where extra cost is warranted