On-Site Coating Services

For jobs that are too large or too time-sensitive to ship, Hayden can deploy a team of technicians and hardware to provide coating services in the field, at nearly any facility with efficiency thanks to our mobile technicians using Field Service Management systems to deploy technicians and hardware, as well as keep us up-to-date on the progress of the work order.

Thermal spray equipment, as well as custom tooling and fixtures designed to speed setup and tear-down, is available for rapid shipment, either by container or in one of our trucks to your location.

Roll Resurfacing

  • Standard roll coatings for paper, converting and other web-handling applications
  • Traction systems, release systems and friction control
  • Coating systems available for use on heated components, like dryers or curing rolls, and rolls used in wet or corrosive environments
  • Hayden restores roll performance and provides regular monitoring of the coated surface to ensure maximum up-time

Machine Element Repair

Hayden field teams regularly perform on-site surface restoration for large components in mission-critical applications in order to get machinery back in operation quickly with minimal disassembly. Hayden specializes in repair of shafts used in power generation.

Corrosion Protection

Hayden technicians have applied corrosion-resistant coatings to bridges, ships, sculptures, and more. Most corrosion barriers are designed to be self-sacrificing, oxidizing more readily than the surfaces they are protecting.

Other On-Site Thermal Spray Coating Service Applications

Browse our Industries Served pages to learn more about how thermal sprayed coatings can solve your wear and corrosion problems,

and then consult our sales and engineering staff to see if we can provide an on-site application for your particular challenge.

On-Site Coating Service Application Logistics

Many combustion processes can be performed anywhere, provided bottled acetylene and oxygen, and compressed air, can be located adjacent to the work site. Electric arc wire coatings require a moderate amount of electric power and compressed air or bottled nitrogen. Plasma coatings require industrial electrical service, bottled compressed gasses, compressed air, and cooling water supply and return.